Animal Rights Activists and Organizations

This is a great place to start when doing research on some animal rights activists you may or may not know. There are many others but these are the ones that seem to come up the most often in mainstream media.

Animal Rights Activists and Organizations.


Scientists, their pets and research…

An excellent reply to a very common question animal-rights leaning individuals ask those of us who work in research. I could to agree with my friend unlikelyactivist more!

Is it ethical to ghost-write a paper?

A conversation on ghost authoring worth following.

Retraction Watch

Another installment of Ask Retraction Watch:

I am a postdoc and looking to supplement my income with medical writing (our lab recently didn’t get it’s funding renewed, so now on part-time to minimise costs). The most recent jobs I have been offered are two brief reports and one full article. A quick internet search of the person who contacted me shows they are in science and are genuinely wanting papers written (a number are already in print from a variety of peer reviewed journals). But my question is this. Is it ethical to ghost-write a paper?

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PeTA: When everything else fails, bring out a celebrity

PeTA: When everything else fails, bring out a celebrity. Vaccines are the single most effective thing we can do to increase the overall health of our society, indeed, the world. Yes, they are expensive to create and can take years but if we can eradicate a disease completely, then isn’t it worth it?

PETA wastes no time going after UW after they are CLEARED of any wrongdoing

<sigh> Today, PETA sent another attack to UW after they were only just today CLEARED of ANY wrongdoing. You can read more about their campaign here.

So I ask you, why is PETA taking on this fight again? They have already forced a government agency to review the program claiming animals were being tortured, yet as soon as that report comes out that says those claims were unsubstantiated, they dismiss it! Ha, they did not even dismiss it, they did not even ACKNOWLEDGE it happened! Bottom line is that they LOST the battle but instead of going back to their home base to come with another plan, they hit the rolodex of celebrities to find someone willing to go forward with their harassment plan. The entire UW campus with get this message.

PETA is very slick and sly. They are not afraid to use any tool they can to promote their agenda, including exploiting children and objectifying women. I can’t image this is what people have in mind when the give PETA their hard earned dollars to save puppies and kittens. But then again, PETA does not save those either.

Full release: October 8, 2013

You can find the audio here on YouTube.
Published on Oct 8, 2013

“Comedian and host of HBO’s Real Time Bill Maher speaks out in defense of cats who are mutilated, deafened, starved, and eventually killed in cruel brain experiments at the University of Wisconsin–Madison. Learn more and take action at”

“Many things in life are funny, but cruelty to animals isn’t one of them,” Maher says in the message. “I want to make sure that you know about the terrible things done to cats right here at the University of Wisconsin–Madison.” Maher goes on to explain that, as PETAexposed last year in graphic photographs from inside the school’s laboratory, UW experimenters screw steel posts into open wounds on cats’ heads and implant metal coils in the animals’ eyes in archaic brain experiments and the cats are starved for up to six days at a time to force their cooperation.
“It strikes me that it’s not the cats who need their heads examined, because being mean to animals isn’t just stupid—it’s wrong, especially when there are better options that are actually relevant to humans, as there are in this case,” he says. I would REALLY like to know what those are so why just suggest that they exist? Wouldn’t your argument be much stronger if you could give us some actual evidence of these better options?
And of all people, Bill Maher. Really? Do I tell you how to do your job, Bill? No. Maybe you should leave the science decision to those who know a thing or two about science. Or wait, maybe just accept the decision from the government agency responsible for the oversight and review. If they found nothing wrong, and they were THERE, then why are you so upset? Just trying to drum up publicity for your own shows?
Like UW Madison, I agree “Given that there is no factual basis for their claims, the only way to keep attention on an issue is to engage celebrities to promote their message or engage in stunts that add no substance to their claims and do little to inform honest debate.” Indeed, all this comes down to is a stunt. This does not further any debate. It is just one kid in the middle of the room throwing the tantrum about nothing. Absolutely nothing.

Reflections of a Failed Writer

Reflections of a Failed Writer. As an aspiring writer, this was a very interesting read. Especially the comments. I don’t think I am aiming to really write the way J.K. has suggested in this post. I think I am looking to report, reflect and perhaps offer my own interpretation of events for others. Perspective, my perspective, is what I hope to share and that others find worthy of reading.