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Animal Rights Activists and Organizations

This is a great place to start when doing research on some animal rights activists you may or may not know. There are many others but these are the ones that seem to come up the most often in mainstream media.

Animal Rights Activists and Organizations.


Scientists, their pets and research…

An excellent reply to a very common question animal-rights leaning individuals ask those of us who work in research. I could to agree with my friend unlikelyactivist more!

Is it ethical to ghost-write a paper?

A conversation on ghost authoring worth following.

Retraction Watch

Another installment of Ask Retraction Watch:

I am a postdoc and looking to supplement my income with medical writing (our lab recently didn’t get it’s funding renewed, so now on part-time to minimise costs). The most recent jobs I have been offered are two brief reports and one full article. A quick internet search of the person who contacted me shows they are in science and are genuinely wanting papers written (a number are already in print from a variety of peer reviewed journals). But my question is this. Is it ethical to ghost-write a paper?

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